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We believe your company's growth should NEVER be limited by a lack of marketing and advertising know-how. Learn everything we believe about growing your brand.


We get it, compadre. After all, we're betting you didn't get into business to become a marketing expert, right? Well, we're here to take the confusion out of it all. Get your feet wet by heading over to our blog. There, you'll learn a ton about marketing and advertising your business.

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The first step to getting "unstuck" is to get clear on what you're trying to achieve. Our goal for your company: To become the brand customers think of first—and feel best about—when they have a need for what you sell. See what comes next.


BOOM your business! We're so confident in our ability to grow your company that we're willing to tie our growth to yours. Get the full scoop on how we work.

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Sure you do! Why else would you be poking around here. You want to know if we're the marketing and advertising "Rock Stars" we claim to be. No problemo. We'll proudly show you the advertising that has helped to drive traffic, sales and word of mouth for our clients

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“Tremendous value added to our company”

“WAY·NIK Works' ability to write great copy, combined with its knowledge of marketing, branding and business strategy has added tremendous value to our company. The copy they provided has helped us reach new customers. The authenticity of their writing helps us to build trusting relationships with these customers much faster than our previous efforts.”

Ed Skimin
Owner, Emerge, Inc.
“When I want copy that gets results, I turn to WAY·NIK Works”

“My success depends on the success of my clients, so when I want copy that gets results, I turn to Tom Wanek of WAY·NIK Works. I have worked with Tom for seven years and am always knocked out by his level of understanding for each client and the depth of research he conducts to make the copy as personal, professional, and persuasive as possible. Tom’s most recent project, for a medical weight-loss clinic in California, resulted in a 142% increase in physician referrals, and a 62.8% increase in patient referrals! The client was ecstatic, to say the least. Tom knows what to say, and how to say it – anyone looking for results should hire him, pronto.”

Michele Miller 
Author & Consultant
“Real world business experience and solutions”

“It’s simple. Business success is battle, you and yours versus them and theirs. Want more pie, you gotta do something different, dramatically different. Tom reminded me of a Business Field General, he shared his arsenal of savvy strategies and guerrilla tactics and more importantly, he had the talent and real world business experience to lead us to our own discovers, personal insights, market specific solutions and doable action plans. Tom taught us how to create, lead, leverage, broadcast, kick-ass and eat more pie. I thank you, my competitors will not.”

Ken Brand 
Prudential Real Estate Services