Marketing Consulting

Any marketing wizard worth a lick of salt knows their job is to persuade YOUR prospective customer to take the action you want them to take. In other words, your marketing and advertising must produce results. Otherwise, those marketing dollars are better spent someplace else. (Heck, you might as well keep that money securely tucked away in your pocket.)

But naturally, marketing your business is easier said than done.

See, persuasion requires the right potency of relevancy (Are you speaking to your customer’s felt need?) and credibility (Does your customer believe what you say?). What’s more, your marketing message should address these critical questions – among several others:

  • Does your marketing  move the needle on the ‘who cares’ meter, or are you answering a question no one was asking?
  • Are you speaking the prospect’s ‘language’ or are you attempting to win them over with a bunch of ad-speak, hype and unsubstantiated claims?
  • Which first mental image will provide your message with the greatest impact?
  • What information should you leave out?
  • Most of all, how will you craft a marketing message that'll cut through the clutter of the 5,000 selling messages that confront your customer each day?

The bottom line: Fail to properly address any of these factors and your marketing won’t be as powerful and persuasive as it could be. Far too many prospective customers will slip through the cracks—which means revenue will slip through the cracks.

But you don’t have to get shellacked by limp, ineffective marketing and advertising.

Hire Tom to win the heart (and wallet) of your prospective customer. After all, life’s too short and you’re way too busy to figure it all out on your own. You need a trusted guide to help you navigate the marketing wilderness … a grizzled veteran who has a few arrows in his back.

WAY·NIK Works believes marketing goes beyond advertising, and we'll help you put into place long-term growth solutions for your company. We believe in openness and accountability. When you hire WAY·NIK Works, you know exactly what you’re on the hook for – right from the start. Our fee is tied to your growth, so the only way for us to make more money is to grow your company. It’s that simple.

What, exactly, does WAY·NIK Works do?

Marketing Strategy Development: At the heart of every successful ad campaign lies a powerful strategy – a focal point or axis around which all else revolves. For that reason, WAY·NIK Works begins by crafting your company’s core strategy. This typically involves a visit to your location to uncover essential facts about you, your business and competitive market.

Copywriting: Which first mental image provides your message with the greatest impact? Does your last mental image leave customers feeling good about your company, products or services? Does your copy frame the buying experience for the customer? Which words are most likely to persuade your customer to take action? What information should be left out? Whether you’re writing copy for an advertisement, brochure or website, your copy must account for every one of these factors. WAY·NIK Works uses these techniques — and many more — to write copy that persuades your customer’s to buy from you.

Media Buying: What will be the highest and best use of your advertising dollars? WAY·NIK Works will help you calculate your ad budget and negotiate a media buy that reaches the greatest number of customers for the least amount of dollars spent. Please note that WAY·NIK Works does not accept kickbacks from media suppliers. Any discounts are passed back to you, the client.

Companies in New Zealand, Australia, and the United States have hired WAY·NIK Works to grow their business. Grow yours.

Contact WAY·NIK Works to schedule a time to discuss your business. We’ll see if there is a fit between our two companies.

Other options: Company founder, Tom Wanek, is a professional speaker who loves to teach what he knows. He mixes his research and findings with exciting, relevant case studies to teach you how to grow your business.